Manav Mahek Mohan Mit

Language - Gujarati

Publised Year - December 2021

Human Mind remains primarily pre occupied with worldly desires and attractions towards the forms and shapes of the Physical world of five elements. Such a Mind can be trained, provided it becomes conscious of its desires and Form addicted ignorant habits, and realize's the importance of training and disciplining itself. Training the Mind essentially entails, first realizing the obstacles that hinder One's Inner Journey by constant and honest introspection. 

As the Mind surrenders itself to virtuous and truthful behaviour, the obstacles on its Inner Journey disappear and it is able to gradually detach itself from the pulls and pushes of the material world. 

It is here and now that it and starts getting a glimpse of its true Inner Self- Atma. 

The Mind experiences the divine Love and Light, which is its essential Being. It is here that the desires melt.